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When can I find out the gender of my baby?

 Gender Determination Ultrasound in NY

The Big Pregnany Mystery..."Am I having a Boy or Girl?"  Gender Sonograms Starting 12 Weeks

Find Out Today at Clear Image 4D Ultrasound. Est. 2005

Updated information for Gender Reveal Sonograms at at Amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling procedures provide the highest success rate of gender determination; however these procedures are highly invasive and include serious risks. Many expectant moms choose to determine their baby’s gender via ultrasound for its reliability and safety.

Your gender determination ultrasound will be performed in 2D for best results. Our highly experienced sonographers are trained in early gender determination starting at 12 weeks.  During this stage male and female genetalia look similar. It takes an experienced and trained professional to identify gender at such as early stage.  Finding out your baby's gender via sonogram is dependent on many factors. Obstructions that may prevent visualization of your baby’s genitalia are your baby's hands, feet, umbilical cord, placenta, and more. 

We aim at making your gender determination experience exciting and informative. Our gender identification sonogram prices are affordable and are designed to show you a visualization of your baby’s gender in it’s current development. We welcome you to invite your family and friends along to your appointment to share the great news.

Some moms do not want to find out their baby's gender in our office and would like to discover if they are having a boy or girl during a gender reveal party.  View our gender reveal page for Gender Reveal Ideas 

Gender Determination Packages- Queens & Brooklyn Pricing May Vary
Early Gender Determination Package $85
Can’t wait to find out who’s growing in your belly? Our early gender determination package is designed for moms 12, 13, 14, and 15 weeks pregnant. This 2d ultrasound session includes a dvd live recording of your baby in-utero. This package offers a free 3d ultrasound consultation- providing you with customized information in obtaining the best results for your ultrasounds.

Just Gender Special Only $65
Your second trimester is the prime time to find out your baby’s gender. Enjoy our most economical ultrasound package available for moms 16-27 weeks pregnant. This This 2d ultrasound session includes a dvd live recording your baby in-utero.

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